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A Letter from Brooke: On the Universal Power of Women

Welcome to March! Let’s be honest: I never need an excuse to celebrate women. Honoring, motivating, empowering, and connecting women–especially women over 40–is a year-round enterprise here at Beginnning is Now…but that doesn’t mean we don’t get a little extra celebratory around here when Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day roll around. 

I’m constantly amazed by women’s ability to adapt–the versatility of women is so powerful. We’re not just one thing. The more areas we tap into, the more energy is harnessed. There’s something very primal about it. (No wonder why it can sometimes be a bit scary to men!) We really can multitask, we use our brains differently, we’re connected to our body differently. We’re survivors. 

And it’s been such an amazing journey to recognize different parts of my power as I've gotten older. In college, I recognized the power of my intellect. Being in comedy and TV made me recognize the power of humor–how I can use it and how affecting it can be. Having children has helped me recognize the power of my body. We have to adapt to so many different types of environments–without losing sight of the foundation we built over the years–and I’ve learned how important it is to step into our power rather than shy away from it. 

Of course, cultivating that power is something I spend a lot of time thinking about–but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also love those more so-called feminine aspects of womanhood. That’s part of the joy of it all, though, isn’t it? We contain multitudes. I absolutely love the adornment, the beauty, the rituals, the baths, the jewelry. And I love that I can–and we all can–hold space for those things in our lives, really value those things, and also hold on to our power. 

I’ve so loved learning from and listening to the women in this community. We’re from all different walks of life, we’re different people, but there’s a throughline. It’s made me realize how many points of connection and similarities there are in women over a certain age. No matter what our lives are like or where we come from, we have the same human emotions, desires, needs. And as much as a single woman is a powerful entity, when we gather together, that’s magic.

So here’s to women–here’s to you–this month and always. 

xo, Brooke


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