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How to Start Your Own Business with Gilly Weinstein


We're talking a lot about getting out of our comfort zones this month, so a question for you: who here has always wanted to start their own business, but was afraid to actually *do it*? Gilly Weinstein, an international leadership coach, knows just how to get started. She focuses on deepening her clients’ understanding of their impact on others, cultivating more emotional intelligence in how they interact and lead, accelerating growth and self-awareness and playing bigger and bolder. Check out her five top tips below, and then...what are you waiting for? Get going!

Seek out & mobilize your support network

Great things are rarely accomplished alone. Nor do you get extra points (or any closer to heaven) for figuring everything out on your own. Surround yourself with savvy people whose experience/style/discernment/savviness you trust. Can’t think of any? Dig harder. Somewhere in your network (and/or in your network’s network) are people who can save you time or grief. Reach out, let them all know what you’re up to in the most specific way, be receptive to their wisdom, and let them advise you.

Nail down your WHY

In the bumpier moments (self-doubt, disappointments) that will crop up, being able to tether yourself to why you started this journey in the first place will hold you in good stead. Why this is a meaningful idea to pursue, why you will be fulfilled by this change, what impact your venture will have (and on whom), etc. Having that in-your-bones-clarity from the beginning (and actually written down! Think bold colours, words, quotes) will ground you and help you reset in the face of frustrations that would otherwise erode your motivation.

Find your sweet spot

You are good at many things, and there are things you love to do or are passionate about. Draw these up as two lists on a huge sheet of paper, get creative and let rip. Nothing is too minor to be excluded from these lists. Stumped for inspiration? Pull in a few people who know you well and ask them these questions. And keep asking your mind and heart these questions too, until you've covered everything you can think of. Let this process spread out over several days. The sweet spot--where your superpower and unique advantage live--is the overlap between those two lists, those words and phrases that feature in both. Distill it and never forget it. It will undoubtedly expand, as you take on new challenges, and like your WHY, it will be a touchstone.

Confront your inner critics

Whenever we break away from the status quo and start playing Life less safe and predictable, our inner critics (a.k.a. our saboteurs) will chime in with convincing, self-limiting self-talk that propels us back right back into our comfort zone. It’s human, normal, understandable. But these critics don’t govern your life, you do. To raise awareness of their meddling presence and prevent them hampering your momentum and boldness, take time to name them using assorted saboteur assessments such as these.

Share and celebrate every victory 

On this journey there will be brighter days and bummer setbacks. Never skip an opportunity to acknowledge a piece of progress, no matter how small. Better yet: appoint a squad of friends to cheer on your every accomplishment. Today I secured a loan, today I hired a photographer, today I drafted the first paragraph of my business plan, my pitch deck, my new LinkedIn profile. You text them, they applaud and acknowledge you. And not just with an emoji, please!


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