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A Letter from Brooke: March 2022

Welcome to March!

I have to say, I really loved reflecting on all our relationships in February, and I hope you did, too. If anything, it clarified for me just how incredibly important female friendships are to me. Yes, I have my husband, my daughters, my dog, my therapist... but I find so much comfort and so much confidence in my friends.

It gives me a whole new perspective going into this month, which is women's history month. The thing I've really come to appreciate about women—whether they're women I've met once, my best friends, the lovely woman at the café where I get my matcha tea or historical figures I admire—is that they don't try to solve a problem FOR you. When I'm struggling with something, they don't swoop in to fix it, or fix me—although I'm sure they could! They're not trying to be heroines. Instead, they teach, they listen, they support, they go with you on your journey. 

It's the most beautiful thing: I know I'm going to learn from women, and that makes me feel more confident, more independent, fuller, more well-rounded. Women give you the tools that help you work through things long after the initial problem is solved. We also know that we're stronger together, and we know that women's empowerment comes from sharing our strengths and knowledge. From the beginning, I've aspired for Beginning is Now to be a place where we can do just that.

We also want to spend some time this month talking about self-confidence. As I said, I think a lot of my self-confidence has come from my female friendships, but it's also been a real journey cultivating it within myself over the years. A few things that have helped? I've stopped comparing myself to others in any way: physically, success-wise, career-wise. I've been trying to stop being so self-deprecating—it's been a reflex for me, but I don't want others to feel better about themselves because I've made myself less. That's not healthy for anyone. And I've tried to graciously accept compliments—and stop apologizing for everything! 

Of course, trying to build up that self-confidence and self-compassion doesn't mean that imposter syndrome doesn't occasionally rear its ugly head. There's a fine line between "fake it till you make it" and being arrogant, but there's a space in there that's healthy that can help build your confidence. After all, sometimes you CAN do things you didn't think you could! And if you can't do them after trying your best? That's okay, too. Instead of coveting skills or opportunities or things I don't have, I'm trying to enjoy and nurture the things I do.

So here's to finding and owning our confidence—and to the amazing women that help us along the way.



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